Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lauren131baby before&after

Hey guys!

Today I was speaking to this girl (lauren131baby) on stardoll chat and she said she wouldn't mind me doing a before and after to her. So I did! xD This is the results:

Like the results? 

Products I used: 

Golden Butterfly - Glamrus (5sd) 
StarDesign Wig - elif-star-doll (30sd)
Red Lipstick - Dot (8sd) 
Midnight Black Eyeliner - Dot (4sd)
Lovely Lashes Bottom Right - Sunny Bunny (20sc)
Lovely Lashes Bottom Left - Sunny Bunny (20sc)
Eyelashes - Spectacular (30sc)
Simple StarDesign Hair (behind wig) - lauren131baby (1sd) 

~MuffinDoll..x xoxo

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