Sunday, 28 July 2013

50% off at Fever

The store that was only released last month has a 50% off sale. It is closig down just after one month. You better get your cheap clothes and outfits while you can!:)<3

I have interviewed some of my friends on stardoll about what they think about the store 'Fever' closing down;

"fever.. never been there tbh" says tiktokloveheart

"Well, it doesn't have a huge effect to me to be honest since I never really fancied it to begin with. I do find it a little odd though since it's only been there for some time." says     -viivu-

"didn't even know what the store was until you mentioned it to me a few minutes ago

so I honestly don't care
" says lollymollygoo

"what is it? one sec... erm
i never liked it anyway, i mean its noce
but its a wasdte of space" says moleymoley
Bye for now


Ramadan campaign: free dress

Heya peoplee!:) 

Yesterday on the Ramadan campaign we got 10 starcoins, (which was a bit disappointing xD) but today the final piece of the blue dress was revealed. 
To go to the Ramadan campaign page, log into stardoll and click the link below:
To find it, go to your beauty parlor and it should be at the left side of your screen...

I'm starting to wonder- what do you think we will get at the end of this campaign? Stardollars? Starcoins? 
I hope its stardollars!XD 

Bye for now! Stay tuned.
And remember, just ask if you want me to advertise you or your blog or anything you want on here- my blog


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fallen Angel- Dark Summer


New fallen angel clothes in the starplaza. I've been waiting for a long time for new Gothic things! They haven't updated the store in ages. ;)  Shame its only one new page though "/ Oh well, I'll be checking out the new clothes later.. ~:) 

What do you like?

Will you be buying anything or putting stuff in your wishlist?

Bye for now! Stay tuned as I will be posting more later on today:)

You should of all received this message:


Ramadan: free 10 starcoins

Haiii :3

The Ramadan campaign reward today is 10 starcoins. I wanted stardollars but oh well xD 
Log into stardoll, and click the link below to go to the Ramadan campaign page:

To get the 10 starcoins, click the 10th gondola and answer the question. (3rd answer) ...

Bye for now!
(Thanks to underneath stardoll)


Friday, 26 July 2013

Awesome youtube channel!!

Heyaa please follow my bff's youtube channel. She is called littlemissplushie. 
She shows you awesome tutorials and videos on how to make really cute plushies; trust me they are awesome!! I've seen them. 
If you want click >>HERE<< to go to her channel. She needs more subscribers so she can do competitions. 
Here is her first video: 

Please subscribe to her, and her stardoll username is: 
Find her on my bff list... 
bye 4 now
~MuffinDoll..x ♥ c:


Heyaa! I had a comment on one of my recent posts asking if I would advertise her blog on my blog;D

So please visit her blog, click the link below:

Also, please visit her on Stardoll, her username is VampireLady33  and tell her on her guestbook that MuffinDoll..x told you to vote.


Third piece of dress revealed: Ramadan Campaign

Hiyaa guys! Today I was about to join a chat room (because I was so bored ^-^) and I found the third piece of the dress! 
Click >>HERE<< to go to the Ramadan campaign page. Click on the 9th gondola. 

To find the 3rd piece of the dress, click the link below:

Good bye :]... for now

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Omg I want this!

So I'm guessing everyone got this message today?  I really want this MEGASTAR package!
Bye for now! Stay tuned! Remember, if you want me to advertise your doll on this blog, just ask me and I would be more than happy to!:)



Hiya guys! This post is going to be advertising one of my good friend's club. She has almost reached her goal of 100 members, but she needs your help to get her more members! The club is called yolo.xoxox

To join her club, click HERE

This is the owner of the club is called MegaJessica225; here she is:

She is really friendly and gifts everyone who joins her club (yolo.xoxox) ...

She also had a recent competition and I came 2nd place (YAAY;D) and she gives excellent 
prizes such as:

Sorry thats a real bad pic :)
 Bye for now

~MuffinDoll..x !

Ramadan campaign- Free 5 stardollars

To get your free 5 stardollars...
 log into stardoll and click >>HERE<<

Click on the latest gondola and click on the first answer.
Click submit and refresh.
You will receive 5 stardollars:) 

Discovered any hidden stores, glitches or cheats? Comment them and I will post them and write thanks to ...



Omg guys! I haven't posted on here for absolutely ages!! :) <3 

The next post is going to be the start of my blog again x 


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Hiyaa MuffinDoll..x here...
Okay, right; so I haven't been on stardoll for ages! And this is my first post in almost 5 months! So I thought now i have started to play on stardoll again, i am going to carry on with my blog! 


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Lauren131baby before&after

Hey guys!

Today I was speaking to this girl (lauren131baby) on stardoll chat and she said she wouldn't mind me doing a before and after to her. So I did! xD This is the results:

Like the results? 

Products I used: 

Golden Butterfly - Glamrus (5sd) 
StarDesign Wig - elif-star-doll (30sd)
Red Lipstick - Dot (8sd) 
Midnight Black Eyeliner - Dot (4sd)
Lovely Lashes Bottom Right - Sunny Bunny (20sc)
Lovely Lashes Bottom Left - Sunny Bunny (20sc)
Eyelashes - Spectacular (30sc)
Simple StarDesign Hair (behind wig) - lauren131baby (1sd) 

~MuffinDoll..x xoxo

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Free C.L Neon Light Thingy!;D

Heya People!;DD

I discovered just a minute ago that by joining the Childline club you can get a vast range
of different freebies! Earlier you were able to get a 'Childline' neon light for your suite. 

*First join the club to get all the updates on free stuff on your own notifications (in the messaging section) 
*Next... Well that is all you have to do really...  


~MuffinDoll..x xoxo 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Free child-line telephone!♡

Hi! Long time no POST!;] Today I logged into Stardoll and realised I had a super cool item waiting for me to open it in my suite.♡ And it was one of those telephone thingys from the 'once a year' childline campaign. Wondering how to get it? Well you know now:

If you already have it btw, you can NOT get it again. Even if you want a whole collection of childline green telephones for your suite.;]♡ ...

If you are from the UK (maybe all around the world actually) then just log into your stardoll account by clicking here:)

I think it is international, but if it isn't working for your country remember to get in contact with me right away! I will certainly give you a proxy or two for the UK. :-)

Like it??